BOBBI: Hi, I'm Bobbi. You know I've spoken with a lot of people living with HAE and we're all so different. It seems like pretty much anything and everything can be a possible trigger for someone.

For me, extreme temperature changes, getting over tired and stress can trigger an HAE attack. Even big events can cause one. When I heard my grandpa passed away, within half an hour my face was swelling up but I can also have attacks from juggling the everyday demands of kids, school, work, dinner and such. Sometimes holding something tightly for a long time can trigger an attack. Like, when I'm using a screwdriver or cutting up fruit with a paring knife. The hand that I'm using might start to swell.

I think it's important to be aware of what activities or events seem to happen around your own attacks. Write them down, talk to your friends and family because they might notice or remember things that you won't. Realizing what our triggers are and learning how to manage them are important steps in dealing with our HAE and remember, always talk to your doctor about your triggers and how they impact your life.

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