Put the Power of Portable Treatment in Your Patient’s Hands
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Here, you’ll learn important information about FIRAZYR, the first and only self-injectable, subcutaneous therapy for acute attacks of HAE in patients 18 years and older.1

Designed With Patients in Mind

After being trained by a healthcare professional, patients can self-administer FIRAZYR both in and out of the home to treat symptoms when they are first recognized.1

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Encouraging Patient Compliance

An HAE attack can strike at any time. Make sure your patients are prepared for their next acute attack as part of an ongoing, on-demand treatment plan.

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FIRAZYR is approved to treat acute HAE attacks, including cutaneous, abdominal and laryngeal.1

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FIRAZYR Safety Profile

See warnings and precautions, adverse reactions, drug interactions, and other important information you should know about FIRAZYR.

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Only FIRAZYR directly blocks bradykinin from binding the BK2 receptor, thereby treating the clinical symptoms of an acute HAE attack.1,2

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Dosing and Administration

After being trained by a healthcare professional, your patients may self-administer FIRAZYR as soon as they recognize they are having an attack.1

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