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FIRAZYR is a medicine used to treat acute attacks of hereditary angioedema (HAE) in adults 18 years of age and older.

Day by Day

May 06

From assisting me with specialty pharmacies to insurance questions, OnePath®, Shire’s personalized product support service, has helped me in numerous ways—some of which surprised me. I can’t thank them enough for all they have done.

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Apr 22

Due to the unpredictability of hereditary angioedema (HAE) attacks, a day in my life, as a person with HAE, is a bit different from what I would consider the norm. I’m oftentimes thinking about when, and if, the next attack will happen. Still, I do my best to not focus on that and take life one day at a time.

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Apr 03

Working With OnePath®

Published on April 03, 2015 in Day by Day 0

OnePath® is Shire’s personalized product support service. For me, I look at OnePath as being similar to a GPS: My Case Manager is there to help me navigate certain aspects of my HAE treatment journey, and my treatment plan that my physician developed with me is the map we’re following.

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What is FIRAZYR?

FIRAZYR is prescribed to treat acute HAE attacks in adults 18 years of age and older.

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