The Journey to Diagnosis

KATIE: Hi, I'm Katie. So, before I started having abdominal attacks, I really thought my life was perfect. Then out of the blue, I'd have these searing pains. It seriously felt like my perfect, carefree life had shattered overnight. I was so afraid that I was going to die. And the worst part: My parents and I didn't know why these attacks were happening. For six years, we went to all kinds of specialists without any answers, and life became a repeated blur of doctor's office visits. I seriously started thinking, “Are these symptoms all in my head?” I swear, that hopelessness was as devastating as the physical pain. I almost gave up, but my mom made me promise to see one more doctor. He was fresh out of medical school, and he truly listened to me. He was the one who diagnosed me with HAE. It's kind of amazing when you think about it, but it just goes to show there's always hope. That's why I want everyone to keep trying. Don't ever quit looking for the doctor that's right for you. To locate a physician in your area who is familiar with HAE, please visit