Encouraging patient compliance

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Review the symptoms of an attack with your patients

FIRAZYR is used to treat acute HAE attacks in adults 18 years of age and older. An HAE attack can strike at any time. So it’s important that patients are prepared to treat their acute attacks.1,2 When developing an on-demand treatment plan with your HAE patients, consider discussing the following topics to help facilitate successful compliance.

  • Early signs of a potential attack may include—but are not limited to—tingling, rash, fatigue, nausea or vomiting3,4
  • Recognizing symptoms can help patients be ready to treat an attack when it occurs5
    • Symptoms include cutaneous, abdominal or laryngeal swelling. Abdominal swelling may be painful and cause vomiting or diarrhea6

Reinforce the importance of early treatment

  • Patients should treat HAE attacks as soon as symptoms occur, regardless of location on the body2
    • There is no way to predict which attacks will migrate or become severe5,7
    • Even a seemingly minor attack—such as in the hands or feet—can be disabling and can impact a patient’s ability to function normally2,8

Recommend FIRAZYR for all acute HAE attacks—whether they occur at home or away

  • As the only prefilled, self-administered, subcutaneous injection, FIRAZYR is ready to use as soon as an attack strikes—no mixing, special handling or refrigeration needed9
  • FIRAZYR demonstrated faster symptom relief when compared to placebo in clinical trials9
  • Nine out of 10 HAE attacks were treated with only one injection of FIRAZYR in clinical trials (n=582)9 and in an international observational study (n=1657)10*
  • FIRAZYR is the only BK2 receptor antagonist designed to block receptor activation, thereby treating the localized swelling and pain associated with acute HAE attacks9,11

Reevaluate each patient’s on-demand treatment plan regularly

  • Make sure that your patients have a detailed plan in place to treat their HAE attacks upon recognition of symptoms, whether at home, at school, at work or while traveling2
Treat With Firazyr

*n=number of attacks.