Understanding HAE

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hereditary angioedema

Here you will find a basic overview of hereditary angioedema (HAE), a genetic disorder characterized by recurrent attacks of angioedema without urticaria or pruritus. Learn about the epidemiology of HAE, the role of genetics and how bradykinin is thought to play a role in its characteristic symptoms.1,2

HAE Overview

Get basic facts about the incidence, age of onset and frequency of HAE attacks, as well as its genetic basis.

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Learn about the clinical presentation of HAE — recommended testing and the importance of early, accurate diagnosis.

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Attack Presentation

See the signs and symptoms of HAE attacks in various parts of the body.

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Unpredictability of Attacks

HAE attacks can be difficult to predict and can vary greatly from person to person in terms of triggers, frequency, and severity.3,4

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Evolving Treatment Paradigms

View select clinical practice recommendations for the management of HAE.

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