Multiple Attacks & Laryngeal Attacks

FIRAZYR was shown to be effective in reducing symptoms of an HAE attack

Multiple hereditary angioedema (HAE) attacks

In all 3 controlled trials, patients were eligible for treatment of subsequent attacks in an open-label extension.1

  • A total of 225 patients were treated with 1,076 doses of 30 mg FIRAZYR for 987 attacks of acute HAE.1
  • In an assessment of the first 5 attacks treated with FIRAZYR (621 doses for a total of 582 attacks), patients experienced a similar median time to 50% reduction in symptoms.1

The median time to 50% symptom reduction with FIRAZYR® (icatibant injection) was 2 hours for first and second attacks, 2.4 hours for third, 2 hours for fourth, and 1.5 hours for fifth.

Laryngeal attacks

FIRAZYR is used to treat attacks of HAE in adults 18 years of age and older.1

A total of 60 patients with laryngeal attacks were treated with FIRAZYR in the controlled trials.1

  • Efficacy results were similar to those observed for nonlaryngeal (cutaneous and abdominal) sites of attack.1

Please note that given the potential for airway obstruction during acute laryngeal HAE attacks, patients should be advised to seek medical attention in an appropriate healthcare facility immediately, in addition to treatment with FIRAZYR.1