What is FIRAZYR?

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Here you'll learn important information about FIRAZYR, the first prefilled, self-administered, subcutaneous injection to treat acute HAE attacks of HAE in adults 18 years or older.1


FIRAZYR can be used to treat all types of acute HAE attacks: cutaneous, abdominal, and laryngeal.1

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FIRAZYR Safety Profile

See warnings and precautions, adverse reactions, drug interactions, and other important information you should know about FIRAZYR.

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Bradykinin and The FIRAZYR MOA

FIRAZYR inhibits bradykinin from binding to the B2 receptor and thereby treats the clinical symptoms of an acute, episodic attack of HAE.1

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Dosing & Administration

Patients may self-administer FIRAZYR upon recognition of symptoms of an HAE attack, after training by a healthcare professional.1

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Role of Acute Therapy

FIRAZYR can help ensure your patients are prepared in case of an attack.1

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